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.Net programeur

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VB/ ASP .Net Programmering

Intermediate Degree Qualification (Mathematics)
University of South Africa
Cobol Programming - Van Zyl & Pritchard
MCSD ( Microsoft Certified Solution Developer)
Bachelor of Science (Information systems)
University of South Africa

Other Courses:
Basic Lotus 1-2-3
Pensions Induction and Initial Pensions
Basic Actuarial Techniques
Concepts of Data Processing
Dbase IV for MS-DOS
Entry Level Programming
MS SQL Server 6.5 Administration
Designing & Implementing Web solutions with MS Visual Interdev 6.0

Programming languages
Centura (Gupta) current 1 year Intermediate
Visual Basic 8 years Advanced
HTML, DHTML, ASP 2 years Intermediate
VB Script 2 years Intermediate
MS Access 2000 (VBA) 1 year Advanced
DBase IV 1997 4 years Advanced
COBOL 1992 1 year Training
Basic 1986 1 year Training
Pascal 1986 1 year Training
Sybase current 1 year intermediate
SQL Server 6 years Advanced
MS Access 8 years Advanced
Dbase IV 1997 4 years Advanced
DB2 1999 < 6 months Basic
Oracle 1998 < 6 months Basic
Operating Software/platforms
Windows 95/98/2000 6 years Advanced
Windows NT current 4 years Advanced
Other Microsoft Office Suite; D

MS Visual Interdev 1 year Advanced
MS FrontPage 2 years Advanced
MS Visual Source Safe 5 4 years Advanced
MS Office 8 years Advanced
Lotus 1-2-3 1992 4 years Advanced

February 2003 - current

Application engineer :
Development of systems for the transport industry using Gupta (Centura) and Sybase.
Arinso International
August 2002 - December 2002

SAP consultant :
Testing of calculation rules, solving test issues, documentation.
Topsh@pe Technology BV
January 1998 - June 2002
April 2002
Developed an enquiry system using Ms Access to add , update ,delete and view transaction details from tables, also to export particular records to files and producing various reports.
Van Hecke - Sodexho Netherlands
November 2000 - September 2001
I analysed and developed Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to run as services in order to transfer , split and merge Invoices and orders for catering services and for the creation of logs and a LogCleaner. Sql server 6.5 and MS Access were used as databases.
Visual Basic application was developed to convert tables with currency fields from Guilders to Euros.
Also, a personnel application to capture / update personnel details and hours worked etc. including various reports .
Internal Project
June 2000 - October 2000
Developed a web application to match available employees to projects, also a Website for the company using Frontpage, ASP , VB script , with SQL Server 7
Manpower BV
January 2000 - May 2000

SQL Server Database Administrator

Duties included the controlling of error logs, scheduling of tasks and Alerts. Creation of new tasks and alerts, controlling of databases , transaction logs and devices (resizing etc. )
Creation / execution of scripts for database changes. Creation of Logins. Checking activities. Eliminating Table scans .
January 1998 - July 1999

I was involved in the development of various systems (GUI and coding), using OO,Visual Basic 5, SQL Server, Oracle, StarSQL (for MVS DB2 tables). All projects except one were done in a team.
Projects included the development of a major system for online Award Bookings. This system was for the Flying Dutchman clients of KLM to make flight inquiries and bookings for flights based on points earned.
A conversion from a Macintosh system to a PC system which allowed for opening and closing of flights at particular agents.
Migration of systems to an English company. I went to England to assist with the migration.
A query system where clients' problems could be logged was developed for the call centre in Amsterdam.
Another system was developed which involved various calculations based on statistics which aided in decision making e.g for flight promotions / specials.
Fedlife Assurance Limited,
Information Technology
July 1993 - December 1997

Development and maintenance for Actuarial systems in Visual Basic and MS Acess (windows platform) and Dbase IV (Dos).Systems which calculated annuities, surrenders, life assurance
Development of Income and Expenditure systems for Trade Unions using Visual Basic and SQL Server.
Fedlife Assurance Limited,
Actuarial services
June 1991 - June 1993
Actuarial Assistant.
Duties included processing and finalising retirement quotations,claims , conversions and queries, calculating annuities, present and future values using compound interest and mortality rates, processing claim statistics.,training and checking, spreadsheet maintenance and development.
Momentum Life
Actuarial Services
May 1988 - March 1991
Senior Actuarial Clerk
Duties included processing of valuations, transfers, surrender values, rate reviews, training and checking, spreadsheet maintenance and development.